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Kickin’ Sausage Cheese Balls

Many of you may have seen these little gems before, as they are a popular party food item. I certainly know better than to try to claim originality with the base of this recipe. Yet, I also wanted to make it worth your time to give my post a read, so I really thought about … Continue reading Kickin’ Sausage Cheese Balls

Mini Fritattas

Do you say “to-may-toes” or “to-mah-toes”? What about “po-tay-toes” or “po-tah-toes”? What about “mini-fritattas” or “crustless quiche”? Yes dear friends, they are practically the same – as best I can tell. Truthfully, the label doesn’t really matter to me so much as the taste and ease with which they can be made. These are delicious … Continue reading Mini Fritattas

Carne Guisada (& Packaging Meat for One)

Mmmm…I love Mexican food. Love.it. Any item that does not contain mushrooms or squash is delicious and makes my mouth happy. As such, Mexican themed/inspired dishes make frequent appearances in my kitchen. Mexican food is a comfort food genre for me and it combines so many of my favorite individual ingredients. Typically when I go … Continue reading Carne Guisada (& Packaging Meat for One)