Huevos Mexicanos

If you’ve been reading and paying attention to past entries, you may have noticed that I’m pretty much in love with all Mexican foods. It’s just such a delicious genre. I’m sort of sad for my friends who live in places where there aren’t breakfast tacos, huevos rancheros, and huevos mexicanos. In grad school, I remember the shock of a girlfriend when I told her that I liked to eat beans with my breakfast. She could hardly comprehend what I was saying to her. When I said that salsa for breakfast was equally delicious, I might as well have been speaking to her in another language, she was so dumbfounded. This recipe doesn’t have any beans nor did I have any with my breakfast that day, but beans would certainly make a positive addition to the meal. This recipe is not your most traditional version of huevos mexicanos, but the semi-homemade aspects certainly make it accessible to everyone. I used my Roasty Toasty Red Salsa, but you could certainly use whatever salsa you have on hand to tweak the recipe as your taste buds require. I doubt you’ll ever be disappointed.


Huevos Mexicanos

2 tbsp favorite salsa
1 whole egg
1 egg white
1 oz cheese – grated (I won’t tell if you use more.)
2 – 4 green onions, just the green parts
Splash of milk
¾ oz tortilla chip crumbs – more or less

1. Grate your cheese and keep handy.
2. Crack your whole egg into a bowl, and add the white of the other egg. Add a splash (I count to 1, sometimes 2) of milk. Beat vigorously until there are plenty of bubbles.
3. Using kitchen scissors, snip your green onions into wee pieces directly into the egg mixture.

4. Preheat your pan over medium-ish heat. My standard is usually 5, on the dial. I also recommend using a non-stick skillet with a bit of non-stick spray in it. Eggs have a surprisingly high stick factor, regardless of the type of pan. After 2 minutes of preheating, give the eggs a final vigorous stir and pour into the pan. Let them be until they begin to set up a bit.
5. Begin your preferred scrambling method. When they are starting to firm up in spots, toss in about a third of your cheese and stir. Within a minute of adding the cheese, pour in your salsa. Swirl/stir it together.

6. Let the eggs get nearly all the way done and dump in ½ to ¾ of your chip crumbs. If you put them in earlier, they will get soggy, and that’s not good eats. Stir the crumbs around and give the eggs no more than 1 more minute in the pan…unless you prefer drier eggs.

7. Put the rest of your chip crumbs on your plate, and top with about half of your remaining cheese. Do this while your eggs are getting their last bit of cooking.

8. Scrape your eggs out onto the chips and cheese. Top with the remaining cheese. Add the bacon you’ve been baking (see below), and voila! Breakfast is served!

I’m so excited to share with you my tip on green onions! I learned this gem from my grandmother a while back, and now I have 3 pots of green onions thriving on my balcony. When you buy a bunch of green onions from the store, save the white root ends to put in some dirt. Give them just a few days, and you will be rewarded with new growth. With time, they will grow tall and lanky, perfect for you to snip away when you need them. I really love to use green onions in a wide array of recipes but was frequently frustrated that I didn’t have any when I wanted them or that I was throwing away wilted, slimy onions that I didn’t use fast enough that week. Having my pots alleviates waste and frustration in my kitchen, which is always a good thing. I think I’ve planted two or three bunches over the last several months. It’s good to have them on a bit of rotation so they have time to regrow between cuttings. If you cut them too frequently, they’ll grow thinner than if you give them time to hang out a bit. I know that green onions are usually only fifty cents a bunch. However, when you throw away most of the bunch, it’s about forty wasted cents, which can add up. Give it a try; it’s super easy!

Finished Eggs Without Cheese

Recently, I’ve begun baking my bacon. As I do with other packages of meat, I split it up into two slice serving slices, wrap with plastic wrap, and freeze in a zip-top freezer bag. It defrosts pretty quickly with the method mentioned at the end of this post, and then it’s ready to pop into the oven. Preheat your oven to 400 degrees. I line a pan with foil and use a rack to lay my bacon on, so it’s not sitting in the fat drippings. Baking time will vary, depending on your preferred doneness. It doesn’t get quite as crispy as I sometimes like it, but it’s so easy and still delicious that I am happy to give up the spattered stove and the split-second timing of done to overcooked and burned. Give it a try!

If you’ve never separated an egg before, you can go one of two ways. Well, if you happen to have an egg separator implement, by all means use it and skip to the next paragraph. However, if you don’t, never fear – it’s not a crucial kitchen tool. You can separate the two parts by cracking the whole egg into a bowl, then pouring the egg into your hand. Let the whites run out through your fingers until all that’s left is the yolk. Keep or dispose of the yolk as you see fit. You are less likely the break the yolk this way. The slightly less messy way is to do your best to crack the egg in half. Pass the yolk back and forth, carefully between the two egg halves allowing the whites to slip over the edges until it’s just the yolk in the shell. There is a higher chance of breaking the yolk with this method, but it’s a rare occurrence for me. Check out the Cooking Education page for some links on ways you can use those extra yolks for even less waste!

I wish you happy and delicious eating! Let me know what you like to make for breakfast. I’m always up for something new.

Nutritional Content – The whole thing
Calories: 355
Fat: 20 g
Carbs: 22 g
Protein: 21 g
Calcium: 33%

Don’t stress about the higher numbers; it is practically your entire meal. Your baked bacon, if you use center cut, will only add about 80 or 90 calories, depending on the brand.

4 thoughts on “Huevos Mexicanos

  1. We want to know what YOU use the extra yolk for. And green onions are the easiest thing to grow when you think you are composting in your garden!

    1. Errr…well, you see…I’ve never actually kept the yolk to use it for anything. It’s shameful, I know. I will quite likely experiment with some of the 1 or 2 yolk recipes and get back to you, for sure!

      1. I save extra yolks in a tupperware container in my fridge, and I use them to egg wash crusts or in some of my cake recipes that require extra yolks. I’ve never frozen them. They usually keep for about a week. I also sometimes purchase egg white in the carton from Costco. They come in several small packages and they freeze well…I’ve defrosted one after 6 months and it worked just fine.

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